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I feel like one of life's most simple and beautiful luxuries is to be able to soak in a warm tub of fragrant water and  relax your sore muscles and mind from all the activities in your hectic life. I live for moments like these--to be able to enjoy that bath without having to think about anything else. Forget the assignments, projects and deadlines for a while and just enjoy the invigorating scents that yummy bath salts brings. 

As you can tell, I really enjoy my bath time. I allow myself to escape my troubles for that half hour or so and just focus on a lovely little novel or watch some drama. Sometimes I just turn on some sweet instrumentals and close my eyes..

On particularly long days, I love to use bath salts. I've been given a lot of various Japanese branded ones by my boyfriend's mother, and I absolutely adore them! They're for a different post though, because today I want to introduce a particularly meaningful bath salt to you all. 

May I present to you:

Homeless Garden Project Lavender Bath Salt.

I was walking Wanpo through the downtown near my university when I passed by some people who gave me some beautiful, dried lavender and wished me a good day. I was happy and asked them what cause they were for, because it was obvious they were workers. They told me about themselves and their organization which focuses on using proceeds from their sales to help the homeless through job training and transitional employment programs. Some of the workers are paid, but many are volunteers.

I felt this was such a good cause because I always see many without homes in the area and thus, decided to check out their shop which is only open on the weekends during normal times of the year. 

I found beautiful handmade flower wreaths, organic honey, candles, bath products, skin products, ornaments, stationary, etc. And on top of that, the store is pet-friendly and they gave my Wanpo a doggie biscuit :] 

Although I didn't really need anything, I decided to purchase their Lavender Bath Salt, which is 100% made by the organization themselves. It looks absolutely lovely, doesn't it? 
All the lavender and products are produced in their own garden which is 3.5 acres big. Everything is done organically, so you don't have to worry about harmful pesticides. 

Furthermore, this product only has four main ingredients:
Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salts, Lavender (from their garden), Essential Oils
As the saying goes: Less is more!
Lavender has many healing and detox properties. The essential oil of lavender have been known to have curative properties for the digestive system and many other aches and pains. Lavender's scent is very calming and helps people who have anxiety, insomnia, etc.
Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salts are very good for your body many reasons. 

☁︎ Helps water/fluid retention in your system
☁︎ Combats stress and tension in your body
☁︎ Calms your nervous system
☁︎ Slows down aging and rids toxins from the lymphatic system
☁︎ Contains many essential minerals for our skin (which is our largest organ)

Bathing in good quality salts have also been proven to help those with arthritis and other bodily pains. Bones can be strengthened and joints can be soothed. There are also no harmful side effects. 

Unfortunately, this organization is a local venture. They do not have branches anywhere else yet. You can, however, check out their website at www.homelessgardenproject.org for more information about what they do. If you're a local, please check out their shop located at:

Cooper House Breezeway
100 Cooper/Pacific Ave, Ste 100G

** P.S. This is not a sponsored post in any way, although all my sponsored posts are honest with my true opinions. This is just an organization I really like. ** 
xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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