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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to my Dear Readers :]

"be curious"
A few days ago I was feeling some really sharp, radiating stomach pain that would come in timely intervals :[ I ended up reading in bed and hoping it would pass, but it had gone on for quite some time already so I got worried and decided to check it out online.

There I read that peppermint tea is really good for stomach aches and 
I filed away that information in my brain for later use :] 

I picked up this tea at my local Target the next day (even though the stomach aching was gone) because I wanted to try it :3 This tea is by Traditional Medicinals and costs $5.50 for 16 individually wrapped teabags. I do like this brand because it's 100% Organic and it's non-GMO verified (which makes me believe in it's claim to be organic). 

I can't tell you if it will help stomach pains right now since I don't have them anymore, but I CAN say that it is absolutely delicious and soothing for the throat and nasal passage!! If you have a sore throat, cough, cold, or flu, I highly recommend you try it. I'm pretty most brands are good, and you can even make your own tea mix by purchasing peppermint and other herbs you like. 

Hello, tea bag with a very natural-feeling wrapper :] 
I also think this flavor is very appropriate right now since it's the holiday seasons!!
Being in the spirit for Christmas & winter, I also purchased Milano Winter Edition Cookies!

Peppermint everything...

I always love the winter holidays so much!! Bundling up in warm clothing and beautiful winter coats... wearing nice and toasty boots, drinking hot cocoa and being happy with the family... <3 

What's your favorite thing about winter?? Let me know below!!

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽
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  1. Ahh sounds like peppermint is a really good cure for almost everything ^_^!!! I would try this but I really don't like the taste of peppermint >_<!!! The gingerman cookies do look very delicious though :) My favourite thing about winter (Even though it's spring in Australia right now) is that I can snuggle up in my comfy blankets and I can wear comfy sweaters hehe!


  2. AWWW Thaaaaanks Alexa <3 :3 Do you have a blog?

  3. Thanks Fifi!! Aww it's okay!! We all have our own tastes :] Hope you've been well <3

  4. yeah! just recnelty made one, same username alexaober.blogspot.com


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