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5:16 PM

Good Morning, Afternoon, and Evening to my lovely Readers :3 

I'm so excited because I purchased my first interchangeable lens camera!!! It's the Samsung NX300 which is a bit of an older model now, but I AM IN LOVE ♡ I purchased it in white which I think is quite a lovely color.

It's a mirrorless camera which is supposed to be the next best thing to DSLRs which I think are a little too heavy for me to carry around. The body on this camera is quite compact, but the lens it came with is 18-55mm which is a bit large. I want to purchase other lenses asap :3 maybe the fisheye and pancake lenses.... 

with lens cap on 
I'm getting the hang of using it. I was choosing between this camera and the Sony a5000. Both are really pretty and around the same price, but the Samsung one is a little more user-friendly. I also just really liked the leather detailing.

A feature I find really useful is the screen tilts (although not 180 degrees) so it's easier to get shots in cool angles without eating concrete and dirt :P

faux (?) leather detailing
I really love this camera :3 It's so nice too look at and takes fantastic photos. The shutter speed is up to 1/6000 and can capture almost anything moving quickly!! It also comes with some pre-set effects if you choose to use them.

Also, this camera has wi-fi :D YAAAAAY it's very handy and you can actually transfer from anywhere from your camera to your phone, edit it quickly, and post to whatever social networking site you want! It's so convenient!!

18-55mm lens
I purchased it from Best Buy for about $600 (long story -- I actually bought it for close to $800 and they changed the price a few days later -- thank goodness they refunded :P) and it came with the flash (mounted on the camera) as well as a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 (which is very useful for fixing the lighting in some darker photos).

I'm excited to get better at taking photos with practice. Hope you all will notice some difference? :P Have a lovely day, darlings.

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. wow! the camera looks really pretty <3 goodluck with the new camera! I remember I bought a white pentax dig cam as my first camera and I chose it solely because it was pretty and had a cream white color and leather detailing also hahaha! it really served me well for a couple of years until I finally decided to upgrade to a dslr. My tip for taking really good photographs is to make sure you really have ample lighting, take photos during daytime and when it is not possible, augment it with whatever light source you have at home (lamps etc) <3


    1. Thanks so much Angel :3 Can I call you that? I also looked at the physical look of the camera a lot too!!! I looked at Pentax as well because of Cheesie's posts :] Glad it lasted you so long!! I hope this one lasts just as long for me haha <3

  2. waaaa, that's so cool! I really like the shape, style, and color of the camera! Someday, I'll invest in a nice professional camera, too :) I would love to see a before and after of your photos :P It's nice to see progress!!

    1. Thank you Anna!!~ I do too!! And yeah I think it's a nice investment since it should last quite a while :] Pictures will be coming up soon :D Actually my LJH cosmetics post's photos were taken by this camera, except I totally didn't understand how to use the lens to focus at the time :P


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