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My Dearest Kittens, 

If you have read my previous Dolly Wink lash posts, you'll know that I really love the glue that comes with the eyelashes in the small tubes!! I was really surprised actually: "Also, I usually used the DUO glue for my false lashes, but I ran out and tried the dolly wink glue that comes in the package. It's actually super super good!! I even cried in them and rubbed my eyes and it's still fine. Wow lol," is what I said before. 

☁︎  Funny Story Time ☁︎

I applied my false lashes for a date that I was going on with my Tubbie and didn't realize we would be driving with the car top down on the freeway. Of course, I hate driving without the car top because the sun burns, my hair tries to fly away and gets all tangled in the process, and this time.... I had false lashes on... O_O  

I didn't have any lash glue with me and was so scared that by the time we reached out destination, my lashes would be hanging off and I'd look like a fool! BUT *gasp* we arrived after driving 75 mph on the freeway, getting harassed by the sun, my hair all tangled, and my lashes still perfectly intact after fluttering around haphazardly. Dolly Wink, you have me amazed. You are such a good product huuuuuuuuu TT ^ TT Love you forever..... 

☁︎     ☁︎     End of Funny Story.. on to the review!     ☁︎     ☁︎

So of course the next time I have to purchase eyelash glue, I go for the Dolly Wink one. And it was extremely disappointing...

The packaging is extremely sweet as always 
But the actual tube itself feels kind of cheap and light-weight. 
It's not a squeezable tube. It's actually a brush-on glue. 
And it has a scent to it.. maybe green apple? I'm not sure, but I'm not a fan 
because I don't like green apple LOL.

I feel like this glue and the glue that comes in the packaging are different. In fact, I'm SURE they are different. The one that comes with the lashes is thicker in texture, more rich. This one is more diluted. Although it has done its job so far, I feel less confident with this glue than the packaged one. Do you girls know if eyelash glues can expire?... I wonder if that's why mine was diluted?? 

Needless to say I'm quite sad--I had such high hopes and really expected the same quality glue that comes with the packaging... I got it at our Mitsuwa's beauty section for a little over $14 and it just isn't worth it. I see it on Amazon for $16.80!! That's just really steep for eyelash glue... It's a bit cheaper on eBay (starting from ~$13) but I don't know about purchasing beauty products there due to some retailers that sell fake product. 

All in all..

Packaging: ♡♡♡
Quality: ♡♡
Price: ♡♡

I'll most likely be going back to DUO which is half this price and thicket texture. Which eyelash glue do you use & recommend? Have you tried this Dolly Wink one before?

xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

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  1. It's such a shame this eyelash glue didn't work for you when the one that came with the packaging worked so well!! I actually own the same eyelash glue but in black and it actually works really well! Maybe you should give the black eyelash fix a go :)
    And btw i love your story haha! I'm surprised your falsies didn't fall off ;P


  2. Yeah omgosh the packaged glue is really rich and thick and your lashes feel so secure!! I wonder if the black one is thicker.. just because it has more pigment?

    And oh my goodness, could you feel my relief when I got there and looked in the mirror to see they were still attached?! That's a lesson I should learn XD Keep backup makeup in the purse.

    muah xoxo

  3. Rinako グレーJune 10, 2014 at 8:25 AM

    Such a cute product <33

    ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤


  4. ahhh!!!! Kittie discus deleted my comment : i was gonna say the DUO one is so much better!! <3

  5. Yeah! hehehe, DUO is less expensive and thicker glue! I agree!! <3 MUAH

  6. I really want to test dolly wink products one day (>w<)

  7. Hi Mimie!! I'm thinking of hosting a giveaway of Dolly Wink in the future :D If I do I hope you will enter <3

  8. Oh yes! I would like to participate! :3

  9. I|n love with Dolly Wink~
    I will glad to see you too :)


  10. Hi Nataly,

    Thanks for reading!! Will visit your blog :]

  11. I FEEL YOU. I literally buy new dollywinks specifically for the tube glue, it's a completely different glue from their applicator one!


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